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SIGHTLINE [theater company] has presented work at Ars Nova, Dixon Place, Figment, Culture Project, the Living Theatre, HERE, Theater for the New City, and the Gene Frankel Theater. We are a company of collaborators, and the thread that connects all of our projects is our emphasis on developing work that features the skills and talents of our ever-changing line-up of writers/actors/designers and that emphasizes the social, intellectual and aesthetic issues we find most compelling in the modern world. Encompassing all genres of performance—from installation to theater, dance, film, and cabaret—we highlight the power of the live event to illuminate and enact change in the viewer. Our work is originally-devised, science-themed, socially-minded, and celebrates opportunities for women in theater. It is explicitly self-conscious; it is socially critical. SIGHTLINE creates open space in which to tackle new ideas. We do not have a single agenda or aesthetic, performance style or purpose; our material comes to us from many places and our voice reinvents itself from project to project.




CALLA VIDET [Creative Director] most recently wrote and directed that time, and the time before that, and… which was presented at Dixon Place in October 2011. With Sightline, Calla has also written and directed three full length works—Hold Music (Culture Project’s Women Center Stage festival/Living Theatre), One Arm and a Leg (HERE/Theater for the New City) and The Untitled Project (Gene Frankel Theater). In December 2010, she directed The Citizens Band’s The Past is A Foreign Country in conjunction with UNHCR’s campaign to raise awareness for human trafficking. In 2009, she worked on Complicite's West End production of Endgame. She holds a BA in physics and theater from Harvard University, where she directed, performed in, and worked on over 15 productions.  Her final directorial project and senior thesis—The Space Between—premiered on the mainstage of the American Repertory Theater in April of 2009 and told the story of the making of the atomic bomb through the lens of the Orpheus myth.  Calla has also directed productions of Moira Buffini’s Dinner, Complicite’s The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol, Sarah Kane’s Blasted (Assistant Director), Martin McDonaugh'sThe Pillowman (Assistant Director), and Complicite’s Mnemonic.  She is the recipient of Harvard’s Louis Sudler Prize for the Arts and an Artistic Development Fellowship, and is a member of New Perspective Theatre’s Women’s Work Lab and the Lincoln Center Director's Lab.

LAUREN RAYNER [Producing Director] has worked in various capacities with Sightline since 2010 and is a producer, director, and playwright. For Sightline she has been on the producing team for One Arm and A Leg at HERE and Theater for the New City; Hold Music presented at Culture Project’s Women’s Center Stage Festival at The Living Theatre (2011 NY Innovative Theatre Award Nomination for Best Performance Art Production); Sound Proof an audio-tour for Figment NYC; Unlearning Intolerance (Culture Project Flash-mob in Washington Square Park), and most recently that time, and the time before that, and… which was presented at Dixon Place in October 2011. Additional favorite producing credits include: disOriented (dir: Carlos Armesto; Peter Jay Sharp Theater); Jesse Zaritt’s BINDING (extended by PS 122; winner of three 2010 NY Innovative Theatre Awards); Ionesco’s The Future Is In Eggs / Pirandello’s Sicilian Limes (dir: Joseph Hendel; The Shell Theatre); and MENDACITY (Kraine Theater; extended by FRIGID New York). She is currently an Associate Producer for Theatre C and works as the Marketing & Outreach Associate at The Play Company. In New York, she has worked at the Lark Play Development Center, Cherry Lane Theatre, VoiceChair Productions, Women’s Expressive Theatre, Ontological-Hysteric Theater, and in Los Angeles at Center Theatre Group. She holds a BA in Theatre & Education from the University of Southern California.


KEVIN DAVIES [Founding Company Member] hails from Southern New Jersey and is a recent Harvard grad.  He has worked at HERE Arts Center, the Living Theatre, Theater for the New City, and the Gene Frankel Theater with Sightline Theater Company as a producer and technical director.  As well he has worked with Frog and Peach Theater Company,, and in the development department at Atlantic Theater Company.  Currently he is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Merrie Jane Brackin

Sarah Christian

Melissa Goldman

Arlen Hart

Arlo Hill

Laura Hirschberg

Kara Kaufman

Sarah Kenney

Allison Kline

Rory Kulz

Ricky Kuperman

Jeff Kuperman

Catrin Lloyd-Bollard

James Morris

Tatiana Pavela

Megan O’Keefe

Avery Pearson

Ilinca Radulian

Jaki Bradley

Julie Renaud

Josh Odsess-Rubin

  1. B.Walker Sampson

Mary Ellen Stebbins

Matt Stone

Trevor J. Martin

Victoria Crutchfield

Aya Tucker


We are grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their generosity:

Alain Baik, Alice Wexler, Ann Landrum, Anna and Peter Levin, Aoife Spillane-Hinks, Ava Eisenson, Ben Kawaller, Betsy and Wick Sloane, BJ Bustance, Calley Jones, Cathy Kaplan, Cecile Bazelon, Chris Schleicher, Culture Project, David Fono, Elise Castillo, Erin Han, Etienne Piciocchi, Ezekiel Hill and Kristin L. Perkins, Freda Levenson and Jim Hill, Gabriela Tantillo, George and Lenore Travis, Hugh Malone, Ilan Caplan,  Ilinca Radulian, Janet Dewar, Jack and Jean Miller, Jennifer Conley Darling, Jeremy Steinemann, Joan Peckolick, John and MaryAnne Callahan, Josh Folan, Julian Silverman, The Karen and Kevin Kennedy Foundation, Kenneth and Jennifer Anderson, Kevin and Nancy Rhein, Kevin Davies, Laurie Leiner, Leslie, Martin, and Anne Tang, Andy Schilling, Lynn Pearson, Mac Bartels, Malinda Cox, Mary Ellen Stebbins, Mary Jo and Dan McNally, Maureen Callahan and Pote Videt, Meera Thawani, Meghan Kennedy, Michael Owen, Ming Vandenberg, Mitchell Shahade, Nick O’Donovon, Nicole Deford, Page Bingham and Jim Anathan,  Paul and Kathy Callahan, Peter Davis, Peter Sullivan, Peter Terela, Regina Kuperman, Reid Brackin, Robert Kellogg, Robyn Frank, Rory Kulz, Ruth and Steve Hendel, Ruth Boulet and Bill Kerins, Ruth Manson, Salli Snyder, Sandi and Bruce Tully, Sarah Spool, Savitar Sundaresan, Scott and Meghan Sweet, Sheila Callahan and Lech Czerski, Susan Bock, Tenement Street Workshop, Tessa Wood, The Angelson Family Foundation, The Buck Henry Foundation, The Suebsaeng Family, Toby Smith, Tom and Benan Ellis, Vladimir Vukicevic, Whitney Morse, William and Karen Faith, Zoe Savitsky, Anonymous      

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