“A very beautiful, very complicated piece of theater [with] visual images and danced/physicalized moments that capture a mood or emotion or idea with real visceral incisiveness. The imagination and invention displayed by Walker and Videt, and their designers is awe-inspiring. I am eager to see where these smart, talented artists take this show as they hone it and shape it.”

-Martin Denton, Editor/Founder, NY Theatre

“Very refreshing. A tightly spun tapestry of choreography, stage directions, lights, sound and visuals. The play has many humorous and witty moments; the stage direction by Calla Videt and choreography by Rick and Jeff Kuperman cleverly executes these ideas. The fantastic cast make the piece comes to life with constant comic energy. An entertaining evening and the dynamic cast is well worth seeing.”

-Angel Lam, TheatreIsEasy



“And yet, for me the multiple dimensions in which the piece unfolded brilliantly evoked the interconnectedness of our biological and social natures and the complexity of our so-called "genes." It beautifully satirized the ways in which our consumerist culture of competitive acquisitiveness and desires for control extended even to our genomes. I came away from the performance of Edge of the Map with a sense of exhilaration.”

-Alex Wexler, Ph.D., UCLA Center for the Study of Women



“Engaging. Exciting. Inventive. Fluid. Spectacularly good! Hold Music is one of the most engaging and exciting new works of theatre I've seen this season. Calla Videt (director and co-writer) and B. Walker Sampson (co-writer) mark themselves as artists to keep an eye on with this inventive, lively, and intelligent physical theatre piece. Videt's staging is fluid, fun, and playful [with] surprising and delightful twists. I love theatre that takes me on a journey somewhere I've never gone before...never even thought to go! Hold Music's exploration of the world of sounds and music offers surprise after surprise, up-ending our expectations of narrative storytelling. I will definitely be on the lookout for the next show from Sightline.”

-Martin Denton, Editor/Founder, NY Theatre



“Startlingly visceral. Eerily beautiful. Brilliant. One Arm and A Leg is one of the most exciting theater pieces I have seen this year. Videt and her company reimagine the elements of the avant garde in their own, exciting terms—and with flashes of humor. If you want to glimpse theatre’s future, go see One Arm and a Leg.”

-Heather Violanti, TheatreOnline

“Mesmerizing choreography - fluid, rich and varied. The entire show is a unified, vibrant, and exceptional work. This is one of the best performances to play downtown this summer.”

-Joseph Samuel Wright, TheaterIsEasy



“A visual success. Videt has a kind of wide-eyed sensibility that sees the world harmonizing with itself at every turn, and the intuitive logic that grounds her thinking is what makes The Space Between go….Too often artists use History to de-fang the past—think “Schindler’s List”—but Videt finds resonance in events which remain indeterminate, unknown, and unredeemed. The closing sequence is a magical, literally incandescent experience… Calla Videt knows what she’s talking about. She has real ideas about how people and history work together, and while they’re sometimes fuzzy, they can’t be easily dismissed; I’ve decided to see The Space Between again.”

-Richard Beck, Harvard Crimson

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