The Edge of the Map

A woman wrestles with a predisposition towards genetic disease; a man is convinced he has one; a couple set out to create a child who is genetically… perfect. Developed collaboratively in conjunction with Microbiology 213: Social Issues in Biology, a course taught at the Harvard Medical School by Professor Jon Beckwith, THE EDGE OF THE MAP tackles urgent, universally relevant questions about genetic identity and inheritance. This project aims to fuse cutting-edge genetic research with experimental theater and movement techniques to share these stories in fresh, dynamic and engaging ways.


Presented April 12th - 14th, 2013 at Harvard University
Science Center, 1 Oxford Street, Room 302


“The multiple dimensions in which the piece unfolded brilliantly evoked the interconnectedness of our biological and social natures and the complexity of our so-called "genes." It beautifully satirized the ways in which our consumerist culture of competitive acquisitiveness and desires for control extended even to our genomes. I came away from the performance of Edge of the Map with a sense of exhilaration.”

-Alex Wexler, Ph.D., UCLA Center for the Study of Women

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Devised by Sarah Batista-Pereira, Dan Giles, Ben Morris, Jesse Nee-Vogelman, Taktin Oey, Mariel Pettee, Cassandra Rasmussen, B. Walker Sampson, and Calla Videt

Director ... Calla Videt
Producers ... Ben Morris and Mariel Pettee
Asst. Producers ... Josh McTaggart and Sofie Seymour
Writers ... Sarah Batista-Pereira, Dan Giles, Jesse Nee-Vogelman, Taktin Oey, Cassandra Rasmussen, B. Walker Sampson and Calla Videt
Stage Manager ... Jumai Yusuf
Asst. Stage Manager ... Sofie Seymour
Lighting Designer ... Mary Ellen Stebbins
Video Designer ... Chris Masterson
Asst. Lighting Designer ... Anna Hagen
Sound Designer ... Jack Ausick
Asst. Sound Designer ... James Pollack
Choreographers ... Megan Murdock and Mariel Pettee

Anna Hagen
Brianne Holland-Stergar
Daniel Erickson
Darcy Donelan
Eli Wilson Pelton
Garrett Allen
Ilker Oztop
Mariel Pettee
Teis Jorgensen
Zena Mengesha

Made possible by generous support from Harvard University's Office for the Arts, The Elson Family Fund, The Provostial Fund, The Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, Science in the News, and Harvard University's Committee for Dramatic Arts.


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