The Space Between

Presented on the mainstage of the Loeb Drama Center

at the American Repertory Theater, 2010

In April of 2009, Calla Videt directed her senior thesis on the Mainstage of the Loeb Drama Center, home of the American Repertory Theater, entitled THE SPACE BETWEEN. The production re-imagined the life story of Caltech professor and physicist Richard Feynman in new, mythic proportions, featuring aerial trapeze, movement, dance, video, and text. It was the first original, student production to debut in the mainstage in 15 years.

At the end of his life, Richard Feynman dreams about his youth, the death of his first love, the nature of the universe, and his work on the atomic bomb. His dying wife Eurydice, with her penchant for Samuel Beckett, reads and writes letters to another physicist from a hospital room in Albuquerque. A woman chasing down two elementary particles--two quarks--goes through her own journey towards understanding the universe. Her lover, an artist, tries to do the same by capturing the things he loves on a canvas. Meanwhile, other scientists are deciphering Nature's secrets. When two different deaths fling the story into a reimagined telling of the Orpheus myth and a journey into a new space--a new world emerges. THE SPACE BETWEEN delves into multiple relationships and intertwines several parallel storylines along similar themes. What does it mean to see? What does it mean to know? A show about art and science, sin and knowledge, blindness and sight, its stories eventually bring us into a space between dreaming and waking, knowledge and uncertainty, life and death.


Calla Videt ... Director

Ilinca Radulian ... Assistant Director

Kevin Davies ... Producer

Pete Kulalert ... Associate Producer

Jennifer Wu ... Assistant Producer

Pallas Snider ... Assistant Producer

Matt Stone ... Assistant Producer

Grace Laubacher ... Set Designer

Sara Stern ... Assistant Set Designer

Michael Zellmann-Rohrer ... Lighting Designer

Beth Shields ... Master Electrician

Josh Stein ... Sound Designer

Calla Videt ... Sound Designer

Mark Moody ... Video Designer

Caroline Rose ... Assistant Video Designer

Rheeqrheeq Chainey ... Costume Designer

Catrin Lloyd-Bollard ... Creative Consultant

Ricky Kuperman ... Choreographer

Carly Dwyer ... Aerial Consultant

Catrin Lloyd-Bollard ... Graphic Designer

Ryan Nolan ... Stage Manager

Ari Pena ... Stage Manager

Alex Dolginow ... Assistant Stage Manager

Ali Leskowitz ... Assistant Stage Manager

Elizabeth Mak ... Technical Director

Steven DeMarco ... Assistant Technical Director

Jay Musen ... Dramaturg


Jesse Barron ... Old Feynman

Matthew Bohrer ... Young Feynman

Catrin Lloyd-Bollard ... Eurydice

Sarah Christian ... Eve I

Ricky Kuperman ... Adam I

Julia Renaud ... Eve II

Rory Kulz ... Adam II

Simon Williams ... Oppenheimer

Madeleine Bennett ... Von Neumann

Faith Imafidon ... Dr. Hackett

Allison Kline ... Nurse Hackett

Karol Malik ... Teller

Jessica Napier ... Fermi

Carly Dwyer ... Trapeze Artist I

Isabel Patrowicz ... Trapeze Artist II


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