Unlearning Intolerance

Commissioned by the Culture Project

presented in Washington Square Park, 2010

In June of 2010, Sightline presented UNLEARNING INTOLERANCE, commissioned by the Culture Project in Washington Square Park. A flashmob-style performance, UNLEARNING INTOLERANCE explored the gendered nature of the international trade in bodies and labor referred to as sex trafficking. Though often glossed as a historical phenomenon, slave labor is a resilient component of the contemporary American economy. UNLEARNING INTOLERANCE forces the public to confront this oft overlooked practice, giving voice to those found at the America's margins and asking to what extent we are complicit in their silence.

Directed by: Calla Videt

Choreography by: Ricky Kuperman

Produced by: Lauren Rayner

Associate Produced by: Kevin Davies


Alaine Handa

Alexandra Baily

Anthony Romeo

Ashey Spivak

Ben Rosenbaum

Dana Berger

Daphnie Sicre

Darian Lunsford

Elisabeth Ness

Elizabeth Palzkill

Emily Ray Baraf

Erin Krause

Evy Lutzky

Gwen Lawson

Ilinca Radulian

Ingrid Cornell

Jaime Hickman

Jeffrey Schara

Jei Miller

Josh Beyers

Julia Lindpaintner

Kara Moulter

Kendra Dushac

Kezia Tyson

Kyla Mchale

Leta Hirschmann-Levy

Lindsay Shields

Luisa Garcia

Luke Nephew

Maham Waheed

Maia Karo

Mara Measor

Marisol Rivera

Mary Emfinger

Misty Easler

Monica Peroldo

Pratiba Premkumar

Seth Clayton

Susan Merena

Victoria Tucci

Yesim Ak


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